Diary entries from Wednesday March 15th and Friday March 17th in Le Vigan, France

Wednesday 15th courtesy of Svante and Love

The day started at 07.00 with some breakfast before leaving for school. On the way to school we stopped by a bakery to buy some pizza for lunch.


School started with English class with the teacher Ann. We were divided into mixed groups, both Swedish and French students. In the groups we got a sheet with questions that we were supposed to answer in the group to learn to know each other. The questions were like try to find a movie that you are both liking and so on. After this class we all attended different English classes with our correspondents.


After the second class our correspondents had other language classes so we stayed in the park for a while and after that when they had finished their class we had lunch in the park. For lunch we had pizza or food that you had brought yourself. After the pizza break we ate ice-cream. It was very nice with ice-cream in the heat, it was like 20 degrees in the shadow and in the sun it felt like 30 degrees.

After lunch we walked to see the house where the teacher Fabrice lives. The walk was really tough due to the heat but we managed to get there without dying. Well there Fabrice showed us around his house and talked about how to build environmental friendly houses like his. It was a really cool and smart house and the view was absolutely fantastic.

After the visit at Fabrice place we went to another ecological house a couple of kilometres away, the walk felt like 10 kilometers due to the heat but Fredric was a bit lazy and went there by car. We were showed around in the house by the man who lived there. This house was not located as far up the mountains as Fabrice house but there was a great view also from this house. Petter was suffering really bad in the heat but dressed like a Taliban he manned up.

After the visit of the second house we had to hurry back to school for those who had to catch up with their buses. The night was spent with our host families with nice dinner and a well-deserved shower before going to sleep.

Friday 17th: Here is a vlog (video log) courtesy of Frida and Wilma:







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