Report from exhange in Le Vigan – Diary entries from day 1 (text) and day 2 (film)

Linda Nordgren Kilpeläinen and I are in Le Vigan, France, with students from NA14A+B. The trip is part of an exchange program where 19 students and 2 teachers from Le Vigan will visit us later in the spring. Here are diary entries from day 1 and 2 courtesy of our students:

Day one:

The first day was almost entirely spent on travelling to Le Vigan. First we met at the Arlanda airport and completed all of the pre-flight procedures such as checking in and shopping in the tax-free stores. We then took the flight to Amsterdam, where we had to wait approximately one hour for the next plane which flew us to Marseille. From there we enjoyed a three hour long bus ride to Le Vigan. On the ride we got to experience the true nature of France, with sandstone rocks, grape fields, some random service car accidentally dropping valuable machinery such as hacksaws in a turn, a motorcycle chase, and much, much more. When we got to Le Vigan most of us got picked up (some got picked up a bit earlier) by our host families and driven to their respective homes, and we spent the rest of the evening with them.


Day two: This a link to a vlog (video log)

Like my colleague Jonas Hall usually says: Watch this space! (for upcoming updates…)







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