A letter from Greece

Norrtälje, 21-25 September 2015

Dear Rodengymnasiet,

It has been a wonderful week for me! Full of new experiences and adventures!

I came from far away Greece and sunny weather. But I immediately fell in love with the Swedish nature and the Swedish people

…walking in the forest early in the morning, late in the afterrnoon….the fog that made it all look like a fairytale…the smell of the rain…the reflections in the water….

…and of course the people….thank you for making me feel like home…thank you for answering every question…thank you for being understanding and interested in my country’s situation…..

I have tried to learn as much as possible about the Swedish educational system and I will do my best to adopt the new ideas/methods/practices I have learnt, modified to the Greek school reality.

I have talked to many teachers, administration staff and students during this week. It was always a pleasure to communicate with smiling, interested people.

I have also made ”a trip to the moon and back” ! Thanks to Mike and Mario, the two romantic astronautes that visited the school, the space does not look so scary any more…

But above all I need to thank Jonas Hall for inviting me, for teaching me, for working extra hours with me, for giving me a tour to the stars, for the little things that make a difference….

Thank you Jonas…
Until we meet again…

Katerina Roubi
Athens, GreeceIMG_20150925_132719

Katerina (fourth from the right) with Jonas Hall (fifth from the right) and the students doing Science Specialisation in year 12 after a successful solar observation session. Photography by Isac Revilla, also doing Science Specialisation.

Katerina has been job shadowing Jonas for a week, under the Erasmus Plus program.


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