In April 2015, we were 10 students who went to Valencia and the private school Julio Verne for one week with our teachers, Ann-Britt Söderberg and Isabelle Thunberg. We were all paired up with one Spanish student and lived at their house to experience their culture and to improve our Spanish.


This week in September it’s been their turn to come to Sweden with their teacher, Javier Sánchez Perez, to experience a new culture. They’ve been living at our homes and going to our school, Rodengymnasiet. During this time we have been speaking English, so we all have had the opportunity to improve our English. They have also attended Spanish lessons to help the younger ones to communicate in Spanish better.

Rodengymnasiet and Julio Verne are alike in some ways and distinct in other ways. What is common is that both schools are Microsoft Mentor Schools, and that’s how we got in touch with each other.
The structure of the lessons is quite the same and the education too.

However, there are more differences. First of all, you have to pay for attending private schools in Spain. You can start in theirs when you’re only 1 year old, and have the possibility to go to the same school until you’re graduating. Also, they wear school uniform until they’re 15 years old.

spanien2What do we think have been good with this exchange?
It’s a great way to learn a language by living in another family and go to a school where everyone around you speaks the language. To get to know another culture has been really fun and an experience we’ll remember.

We have also made new friends for life!


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